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Conveniently located at 153 Centrale Avenue in Ste-Anne, our dental centre is directly across from the medical clinic. Let the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Seine River Dental help you and your family with a full range of dental services. We provide the highest quality care in a welcoming, respectful and comfortable environment. We care and we listen.

Tuesday 10 November, 2020


As provincial code red restrictions take place, we would like to assure you that Seine River Dental Centre remains open.

We are an essential oral health care provider.

The safety and well being of our community, staff, and patients is our top priority. A combination of the stringent infection control protocols and procedures followed by dental professionals; including the wearing of specific PPE, allows for dental care to continue to be safe for all patients and staff.

Friday 24 July, 2020


As the cases of Covid-19 are now once again increasing in our province, and that airborne transmission has been indicated by the WHO, we are asking everyone that comes into our clinic to be wearing a face covering. Please bring your own facemask to enter our building. Thank you for your help and active participation in minimizing the spread of Covid-19 in our community!

Monday 25 May, 2020


Over the past 10 weeks, Manitoba dentists have been restricted to treating only emergent and urgent dental problems. On Friday 22 May, the Manitoba Dental Association announced that, as of Monday 01 June, we may now begin to resume provision of all dental services.

Dr. Hein and Seine River Dental staff are looking forward to seeing our patients again, and begin a phased in return to routine dentistry starting on the first of June.

During the coming days, we will begin contacting and scheduling all of the people who had appointments which were cancelled due to the provincially mandated dental care restrictions.

If you have not heard from Seine River Dental by Wednesday, 3 June, please contact our office at 204-422-5510.

Additionally, if you have a dental issue which you believe requires priority treatment, please call our office on or after Tuesday, 26 May, and we will prioritize your treatment.

We appreciate your patience during our phased-in return, as we will have limited staff as we return to full treatment.

While you will notice that some things will have changed when you arrive at Seine River Dental Centre for your appointment, the one thing that remains the same is our commitment to your health and safety. Our dental clinic follows the infection control protocols regulated by the MDA. Infection control has always been a top priority at our practice. This commitment to ensuring a safe, and comfortable environment continues as part of our delivery of state of the art quality oral health care.

The changes which Seine River Dental has made have been introduced to further help protect our patients and staff.

As part of your next appointment, please expect the following:

  • Appointments will be managed to allow for physical distancing between patients. This may mean that you will be offered fewer options for scheduling your appointment.
  • Two days prior to your appointment, you will receive a telephone call or a text from us, explaining our new screening protocols.
  • Only the person with a scheduled appointment will be allowed to come into the dental office, UNLESS the patient is a minor, or is someone that requires accompaniment.
  • Our new virtual waiting room is your car. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. Call us at 204-422-5510 to advise us that you are ready to enter our office. At this time, we will review the screening questions with you, and prepare for your arrival in the dental clinic.
  • When you enter the office, it is requested that you use the hand sanitizer which is provided by SRDC. We will once again ask you to use the sanitizer on your way out of the office, once your treatment has been completed.
  • We will also take your temperature with a digital, touch-less, infrared medical thermometer.
  • You will notice plexiglass shields have been installed at our reception desk for the safety of patients and staff.
  • Our waiting room no longer offers magazines or children's toys, as these items are difficult to clean and disinfect.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) - masks, gowns/scrubs, face shields/safety glasses are used throughout the dental clinic.
  • Washrooms are available. We ask that you tell reception, when you have used the facility, so that it can be disinfected, and readied for the next person.
  • Throughout the the day, in addition to our usual universal precautions used inside the dental treatment rooms, Seine River Dental Centre is maintaining a rigorous practice of continuously disinfecting any high touch surfaces. You will notice that some doors throughout the office are being kept ajar, to limit surface touching
  • We expect some of these extra precautions to be temporary (until the Covid-19 pandemic fully subsides), while some changes will remain permanently.
  • We will gladly answer any questions that you may have about the steps we are taking to keep you, and everyone safe at our clinic.

We also invite you to check out this MDA link to their May 22 e-alert: https://www.manitobadentist.ca/?utm_source=loknow&utm_medium=search

Thank you to our patients and family members for your understanding as we support each other during this period of adjustment for everyone. May we all stay safe and continue being kind to one another.

We very much look forward to the time when we can once again shake your hand. For now, we will smile broadly behind our masks when we see your friendly face again.

- The Seine River Dental Clinic Team

Seine River Dental welcomes patients of all ages, and is happy to provide service in English, French and German.

We are happy to submit claims to an insurer on your behalf.